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What To Know About Protection Orders In Colorado

Protection orders, also known as restraining orders, are life-changing tools that can be used to ensure that another person cannot contact you or come near you for your safety. Protection orders are sometimes a necessary step to take in order to ensure your safety and well being. However, protections orders can also be misused and abused in order to seek retribution or vengeance against someone who does not pose a threat.

At Grabski & Shah Law P.C., we have experience with protection orders, including how they are used and misused. As attorneys who practice family law and criminal defense, we understand how these orders function in various contexts, how they can work effectively and how damaging they can be when filed falsely. When we represent you, we will fight to ensure that the truth of your situation is made plain, whether you are a violence victim seeking protection or someone who has been wrongfully accused.

What Is A Protection Order?

A civil protection order, or a restraining order, is issued to establish no contact between people when one of those people is thought to be at risk of harm from the other. The purpose of a civil protection order is to “promote safety, reduce violence and other types of abuse, and prevent serious harm and death.”

A judge grants a temporary protection order when the judge feels a person is at a risk of imminent harm from another person. However, since very little is required to issue a temporary protection order, it is often used by one person to retaliate against another person and prevent them from going home, to work or seeing their family.

Protection orders are also regularly issued in criminal cases under C.R.S. 18-1-1001. Referred to as criminal protection orders, they are issued for the protection of witnesses and victims in a case. A violation of any form of a protection order can lead to criminal charges.

Combatting False Allegations

Civil protection orders are an important part of the justice system that protect victims of violence and threats of violence; however, they are also easy to abuse. When issuing a temporary protection order, the judge is only hearing from one side of the dispute, and relying on their statements to decide if there is a need for protection. This can lead to one side exaggerating or inventing facts to retaliate against another person.

At times, protection orders are used as a tool by one spouse to try to gain sole custody of a child during a separation or a divorce, attempt to prevent one person’s access to a house or workplace or simply for retaliation after a nonviolent disagreement. If you’ve been falsely accused, it is critical to seek the help of an experienced attorney who can defend your rights and your reputation.

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