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Being accused of a crime can wreak havoc on your way of life. It can lead to police contact, repeated trips to the courthouse, the stress that comes from having this accusation hanging over your head, and ultimately the loss of your rights and freedoms.

If you or a loved one is accused of committing a crime, you need experienced and passionate defense attorneys standing by your side to protect your rights, fight against the charges and work toward getting the best result for you. You need the attorneys at Grabski & Shah Law P.C. by your side.

We Defend Against All Types Of Criminal Charges

The biggest benefit our clients get from our career-long commitment to defend against criminal accusation and charges is that we have a vast amount of experience in handling every type of case, from traffic offenses and misdemeanor cases to sex offenses and violent crimes. We are prepared to defend you in any type of case you might have, including:​

  • DUI/DWAI – DUIs end up being some of the most common, yet technical cases in Colorado. Whether it’s dealing with breath or blood tests, express consent violations or the DMV, have a skilled lawyer by your side to guide you through the maze.
  • Drug offenses – Whether it’s possession, distribution or something else, drug charges can come with some serious consequences, including mandatory prison terms. Drug laws are also some of the most frequently changed laws in Colorado, with the newest set of changes happening in March 2020. Make sure you have attorneys that are up to date on those changes so you can seek the best and most accurate results.
  • Sex Offenses – Sex cases are among the few crimes left in Colorado that allow for a possibility of life in prison. Even if you aren’t looking at life in prison, you could be faced with lifelong consequences of sex offender registration, disclosing the offense on applications, and finding yourself on a public “sexually violent predator” list.
  • Violent crimes – Including murder, assault, robbery and others. These offenses carry the “crime of violence” designation in Colorado. With the possibility of a mandatory term of decades in prison, violent crimes carry the most serious penalties of all offenses.
  • Domestic violence – Contrary to what the name suggests, touching or injury is not required for a case to be a domestic violence case in Colorado. In fact, domestic violence itself is not a crime at all, but rather a sentence enhancer. This means that any charge can become a domestic violence charge if the district attorney chooses to add it. Work with attorneys who know how to distinguish what is truly domestic violence and how to fight against that charge in court.
  • Economic and financial crimes – Also known as white collar crimes, these cases can require a large amount of restitution if convicted. On top of the high financial obligations, the sentence for these cases can lead to you losing control over your finances and your business. Don’t give up your freedom without a fight. Find an attorney willing to fight to keep your rights intact.
  • Traffic offenses – Every point matters when it comes to keeping your driver’s license. Don’t risk losing your license, and possibly your livelihood, especially in Colorado Springs.
  • Misdemeanor offenses – Although considered lesser offenses compared to other charges, misdemeanor charges still come with life-changing consequences. Looking at up to two years in jail, along with probation, fines and restitution, even these lower-level charges can dramatically disrupt someone’s life.
  • Felony offenses – “Do you have a felony conviction?” is a question that is asked just about everywhere: job applications, housing applications, school applications and many others. Outside of the consequences within the court system, felony convictions can impact all aspects of life, and can lead to you losing your job, getting kicked out of housing, or being rejected from a college. Don’t let a felony conviction ruin your life; hire an attorney that will fight to avoid those life-altering consequences.

Experienced And Committed Criminal Defense Attorneys

Grabski & Shah Law P.C. is committed to providing exceptional representation to each and every client that walks through our doors. Our two attorneys, Jared Grabski and Meghal Shah, have dedicated their entire legal careers to defending clients accused of and charged with crimes. We have practiced in front of many of the judges that hear criminal cases in Colorado Springs and we know what arguments they want to hear and what will lead to the best result for our clients. We have fought against the District Attorney’s office our whole careers and we will not be afraid to fight against them for you.

We know how to approach and build a case for every part of the process, and we will use our skill, experience, and resources to:

  • Aggressively defend you from the start of the case to its finish
  • Listen to your goals and desires, and position your case in a way to achieve those goals
  • Reduce your stress so you can focus on your life and your family, while we handle the minutiae of the court process and your case

We are committed to standing with you every step of the way and guiding you through the complicated legal process.

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